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The Hair Hostess – New Video on Plastic Use out now

What if an airline safety demonstration talked about the pitfalls of our plastic use? Watch the Hair Hostess demonstrate this and provide you an alternative to plastic bags – the nifty and cool Small Steps cloth bags that are available at Swarathma’s concerts

Beta Sweater Pehno – Official T-Shirt Out Now!

The brand new official T-Shirt for Beta Sweater Pehno is out now!

Some time ago, we saw some really cool chalkboard designs from a talented designer friend of ours. In our chats with Akshaya, (whose Instagram page is dope), we came up with a really cool way of taking you down memory lane while celebrating the song that talks about the pressures of growing up, and what it’s like to go to school in the 80s and 90s. (We’re not sure much has changed there!)

So here goes, the brand new Beta Sweater Pehno T-Shirt! It’s up for pre-order with our good friends at RedWolf!


New Merchandise: Beta Sweater Pehno T-Shirts Coming Soon


We’re stoked to bring out the all  new Beta Sweater Pehno T-Shirt designed by the talented Akshaya Krishnan. And yes, there is chalk dust on it, like on the black boards of your childhood, and we’re hoping to have it on sale real soon.

Jishnu speaks at TEDxStXaviersMumbai

Jishnu spoke about ‘Making Music to Make Sense of the World’ at the recent TEDxStXaviersMumbai. We can’t wait for the video to come out, where he talks about how and why Swarathma makes the kind of music it does. Stay Tuned!

Beta Sweater Pehno wins Best Music Video

At the recently held Radio City Freedom Awards, our music video Beta Sweater Pehno won the award for Best Music Video. Vasu and Jishnu were in attendance to pick the award up. It was even more special considering our man Vasu was the Director of the video, putting his considerable filmmaking skills to use for this quirky take on parental pressure.


Accepting the award Jishnu spoke of how Radio City played a major role in the band’s career, with Radio City Live giving the band its first break and album recording contract. If you haven’t watched the video, watch it here!